5 minutes cake in a mug

A parents in-law call you suddenly and want to come over to your place? You realize in horror that you got nothing to serve them, your fridge is empty and you already ate the last snack yesterday night.  You scream out in panic and run around in circles and know you are doomed, because your parents-in-law always expect the best of the best when they come visiting your house. 10 minutes left and they will be knocking on your door….But wait a minute. How does not like a fresh homemade cake? That will give you instant daughter/son-in law awesome points. Parents or most people over 50- year old love cake, thats a fact.

Or what about your bestfriend comes over unexpected with rented DVD’s to have a bff all night movie maraton. The time is already late, and all the supermarkets are already closed.What should you do?

This video is for all people out there in need for cake FAST and most likely RIGHT NOW.





One thought on “5 minutes cake in a mug

  1. I wish I could see this video. I think you must have it set as a “private” video on YouTube, so it doesn’t show up on other people’s computers when they visit your excellent blog.

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