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Final Video. What did you learn today?


Finally turn to show the final video for our group project. The theme of our video is “What did you learn today?”. Our four members all took their camera with them for one day, then reflect back on the question of lession learned. We all learn something about uselves or the world we live in everyday, it could be something big or something small. This video is just about that.



What did you learn today??

I learned that despite being alone I’m okay. I can still have fun even if I’m alone. I can still enjoy a day like my birthday by myself. Actually, being away from the stress of all my family visiting to say happy birthday and not eating too much cake,feels kinda good. Even on days like these I learn something valuable.


Final Video Project preview 2


Hello again!! It’s soon time to show our final project, but first its time to show another of my individual clip. I actually had a problem some days ago, my camera stopped working!! (Justmy¬† kinda luck!) But I managed to save some of my videos, this is one of those. The day I filmed for my video was on my 24th birthday. All I can say about my day so far is that my birthday was a very quiet and normal day. I don’t have many to celebrate with, so I enjoy celebrating alone the way I enjoy my day. Buying my own present is actually the best present, will end up getting what I want right? (I actually buy christmas presents for myself every year also..And I promise i’m not a psyco)


What I have learned in this class is to film more. I always blog and write about my life (on another blog), but not often do I actually film. I think some day in the furture I will be greatful and happy if I can look back at my life with videos, not only with text and photoes. So now that this course is almost finished, I will continue making videos for myself and for those others who are curious about my life.