Final Video Project preview 2


Hello again!! It’s soon time to show our final project, but first its time to show another of my individual clip. I actually had a problem some days ago, my camera stopped working!! (Justmy  kinda luck!) But I managed to save some of my videos, this is one of those. The day I filmed for my video was on my 24th birthday. All I can say about my day so far is that my birthday was a very quiet and normal day. I don’t have many to celebrate with, so I enjoy celebrating alone the way I enjoy my day. Buying my own present is actually the best present, will end up getting what I want right? (I actually buy christmas presents for myself every year also..And I promise i’m not a psyco)


What I have learned in this class is to film more. I always blog and write about my life (on another blog), but not often do I actually film. I think some day in the furture I will be greatful and happy if I can look back at my life with videos, not only with text and photoes. So now that this course is almost finished, I will continue making videos for myself and for those others who are curious about my life.


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