Timelapse by Kooi- Park Kyeong Kyun. This video is very beautiful, and the music makes it very powerful. I loved how they show Seoul at night-time. In Seoul my favorite time is at night. All the lights in the streets, such a pretty view. This city never sleep


Christina Aguilera Parody

Will start with this first video.  A parody of Christina Aguilera by MadTv. I love parodies so I posted this one on Youtube many years ago. Now it got 5 636 737 views. I guess people still find it funny even if its old now. I miss watching MadTv

Crystal Ball.

Crystal Ball.

Feel like a child shaking this rabbit crystal ball. Remind me of those happy days 20 years ago, and how much I miss my parents back home, and can never thank them enough for giving me a great childhood.